Marie & Pierre Curie

Marie & Pierre Curie - HULYAH
Marie & Pierre Curie - HULYAH
Marie & Pierre Curie - HULYAH
Marie & Pierre Curie - HULYAH
Marie & Pierre Curie - HULYAH

Marie & Pierre Curie

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- Classy C17 & Anaqa A25 (Black Stainless Steel)

- Both are high quality stainless steel watch

- No discolouration problem 

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- Comes with special box and cloth pouch (gift box + special case)

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- Free Engraving for one watch (if you choose and buy one engraving then the second engraving is FREE)


Marie and Pierre Curie (1895 –1906)

As many EliteSingles articles have previously suggested, sharing a hobby with your lover is a fantastic way to feel close and connected. And if that shared passion happens to be revolutionising the world of medicine, winning two Nobel prizes, and making huge advances in cancer treatment? All the better. Marie and Pierre Curie were history’s ultimate tag team, giving a good shoeing not only to cancer through their discoveries in radiology, but also to the sexist scientific community, who opposed Marie’s work on account of her being a woman.

Though Marie’s career was soundtracked by the grumblings of many portly old intellectuals with big white beards, the Curies simply shrugged it off and got on with making yet more incredible advances in medicine. The couple’s mixture of science and romance is epitomised by the fact that the blue wedding dress Marie married Pierre in functioned as her lab coat thereafter.


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