Pure Silver Complete Handmade/ Hand-knitted Kazaziye Bracelet 100% Original

Pure Silver Complete Handmade/ Hand-knitted Kazaziye Bracelet 100% Original

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Lurline Quah (Bow, GB)

Pure Silver Complete Handmade/ Hand-knitted Kazaziye Bracelet 100% Original

- Completely handmade and handknitted Kazaziye design chain.

- Made in Turkey, Historical Grand Bazaar Istanbul (Definitely Not from China)

- Perfect gift for gentlemen...

What is Kazaziye?
- Kazaziye, (also known as “Kazazlık” or “Kazaz”), is a Turkish jewellery making technique. Kazaziye is a historical technique from the Caucasus. Kazaziye is a local art from the northern Turkish city Trabzon. Kazaziye made by hand with only 1000 carat silver or 24-carat gold. The exact history of Kazaz is not well-known, however, it is said that this art was born in the Mesopotamia area by Lydians in 2800 BC and later spread north to Anatolia.

How did we make this?
- Our product is melted into a silver wire with the thickness of a hair and then processed together with silk thread to produce kazaziye wire. The silver wire, which is processed later, is knitted from a single silver wire with only hand techniques without any joints at any point. It is sewn at the junction points and processed in the old way, just like before BC.


Model 1  Length: 19.5mm, Weight: 6.9 gram

Model 2 Length: 19.5mm, Weight: 8.5 gram

Model 3 Length: 20mm, Weight: 8.4 gram

Model 4 Length: 19mm, Weight: 9.6 gram

Model 5 Length: 19.5mm, Weight: 9.4 gram

High Quality is Our Standard

- 100% Original and certificated 1000/100 High-quality Sterling Silver.

- This is a special hand-crafted design bracelet;

- Under Hulyah London High-Quality Guarantee

- Shipping from the United Kingdom

- FREE Same Day World-Wide Shipping (USA 1-3 Business Days Delivery) ✈️

- Hypoallergenic & Tarnish-Free

- Hassle-Free & Money-back Guarantee Returns. Your satisfaction is our priority 👍🏻


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